Family covers alot of territory,  but I want to talk about a very special one;


Unlike blood family, you are connected by experiences, camaraderie,  time on the job, and if your lucky, maintain contact after retirement.

You will have conflict,  differences of opinion on everything from how much coffee to add in the am pot, who kicked ass on IV’s, intubation,  grabbing the nozzle and being first to whip fire’s ass, if your a male, getting the most attention from the cutest girls in the grocery store, maybe if your a female the same holds true.

The point is your fire family is sacred.

Yes, the snoring and farting in the bunkroom at night also make you a member of the exclusive family.

You get to hear all of the complaints from who hates who, who is getting divorced, who is dealing with their kids problems, drugs,  bad grades, etc, who is suddenly dealing with medical problems, either their own, or others, which becomes all of ours who sit at the fire family dinner table, and the loss of parents and others dear to us.

This we talk, tease, cry, console, and in the end of it all are there for each other.

And this is life.

Time passes, and people retire, leave that assignment, and sometimes tragedy strikes, and illness takes them from our family.

I never want to candy coat our sacred family or our profession,  but it is the best family that I have ever known, and those of you who wish tp become a part of that exclusive family,  I welcome you.


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