Pride is what you will feel the moment you put on the blue, red, black, white, or whatever color they give you t shirt that says: Probationary Firefighter.

Pride, self respect, self esteem, and most of all; self sufficiency.

Those are powerful nouns, but describe the different feelings you will get when you put on that shirt for the first time.  You are now a part of a very exclusive club for life.  And don’t take it for granted.  Now you are identified as a firefighter, or a firefighter – paramedic.  You have made the decision, are now in the throes of completing your probationary year with whatever department you have been hired by.  It is up to you now to decide how to conduct yourself, and believe me, appearances matter.

My suggestion is to walk tall, convey that pride, and look the part.  Nobody wants to see their beloved firefighters especially the ones representing their cities looking like a bunch of vagabonds. 

I have seen people show up for shift with the nastiest looking uniforms on, t-shirts with holes in them, stained, too big or small, letters faded, wrinkled, scuffed up boots, pants that look like they have never been ironed.


Can you imagine what the public thinks when they see a firefighter -paramedic getting out of the rig looking like that?

Believe me, they notice.

If I sound like your mother, so be it. 

Don’t confuse Pride with arrogance.  Take the time to always look professional because you have worked so hard to get here. So what if you have to fill out the proper paperwork to exchange your old ratty stuff, or it might require some off duty time to handle such, but make the effort!

Have pride in yourself, the career that you have chosen to be a part of, and remember, people take notice.

Until next time,



Cindie hose


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