First blog post


The correct term is firefighter, who is a female.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite awhile, but waited until retirement became more comfortable for me.

I got hired June 8th, 1987, by a large urban department in south Florida.  Seeing a female riding backwards on a fire truck was a rarity then, and a curiosity even today, depending on what part of the country your from.

Over the years people would question me as to how, why, when,and what made me choose such an unusual career. And I would respond by saying, I didn’t choose it.

It chose me.

And I never looked back.

Since this is a blog and not a manuscript, I will be brief.

Firefighting is a tough, inherently dangerous profession, and if you think otherwise, my advice is to find another career. And that doesn’t cover the intricate aspects of living in the fire house for 24 hours or longer with a lot of different personalities.

My intention is to open the conversation for women who are thinking about this career, already in the fire academy, newly hired, or retired.  I welcome your comments, wisdom, fears, questions, or anything else you want to contribute.

This is not a blog to bash male firefighters.

Let’s start this journey of conversation together, are you ready?

Until next time,

Stay tuned.





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One thought on “First blog post

  1. I was proud to have Captain S as my leader. we were a great team .we all helped each other and had a great shift. I was lucky enough to help train this leader when she got hired. I never saw a difference between me and her. it was new and a great plus for the Dept.


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